Sunday, November 20, 2011

Choosing My Colors

As soon as I got engaged I started thinking colors. I am purple obsessed (as in my phone, laptop, earphones, converse, umbrella, wallet, room walls etc.. are all in the color purple) so I knew it would be one of my wedding colors.

I jumped head first onto the peacock wedding train. All the purples, blues and greens ... the feathers… the classiness of the whole affair.... I was in love

Then my wedding began taking shape and I realized regal jewel tones might not be the best choice for an informal 9am May breakfast wedding on the tropical island of Puerto Rico.

My next color obsession was a lot lighter, mixing my favorite color with his, purple and blue.

Then I started thinking about tuxes and bridesmaid dresses... Black tuxes feel too stuffy for my morning wedding so we have decided to go with grey suits. Add in another color to the mix...Gray. Along the way I nixed the blue and added more shades of purple. And I fell in love…as soon as I saw the colors together something clicked in my mind.. these are my wedding colors!!! shades of purple and shades of gray...tiny hints of green!

* All palettes generated by Multiculor Search Lab
In a couple of months I went through 3 different color palettes, so finally choosing one was such a relief. I now have a clearer picture of what I want my wedding to look like. I also now have a point of reference for the cake, decoration and flowers and just overall piece of mind. 

Did you also have trouble choosing your wedding colors?

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