Saturday, December 3, 2011

Making the Invite: Invitation Inspiration

I’m lucky enough to have the very talented Lil Boa for a sister, since she happens to be studying Advertising and has to take graphic design classes as part of her degree. This wonderful human being graciously offered to do our wedding invitations and all other paper related stuff. We worked on the invites long distance, me being in Puerto Rico and she all the way in NYC, but by using Skype share screen we managed to rock it out. Our first step in invitation creation was finding a starting point, pictures of invites I liked, so she could have an idea of what to do. I sent her these:
By Mrs.Duckling - WeddingBee

By Ivandy27 - Etsy
By ampersandstudios - Etsy

By Mrs. Macarons - WeddingBee

You might have noticed a pattern; I really wanted a swirly scroll thingy framing my invite, making it whimsically and fun. Throughout our emails back and forth, I decided officially incorporate a candy stripe pattern as the invitation background and as an accent to the wedding scheme, since I seemed to like it so much on the inspiration pic. She laid out a couple of drafts for the invitations and the information card for me to see how they tied in with my wedding vision. So far so good ...Wait until you see the results! 

Did you have DIY or Semi-DIY invitations for your wedding?


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