Friday, November 18, 2011

One Venue, One Love

Venue Wishlist:
1.      Breakfast Menu
2.      100 guests
3.      As cheap as possible

With these in mind I eliminated all hotel ballrooms ($$$, most have space for 250 guests), restaurants (can’t hold 100 ppl, no breakfast menu), a backyard (Too expensive to rent linens, tent, chairs etc.) and community centers (Those close by are in really bad shape). I basically worked myself into a corner with very limited options.

And then…. My mind shifted to think of the space where my sister’s prom was held a couple of years ago. It’s a convention center with a couple of different rooms, the big one where my sister’s prom was held (600 guests), another that hold 75 guests, an outdoor plaza for 100 guests and a room with floor to ceiling glass windows for 150 guests.

I made an appointment for that same week and as soon as I stepped into El Faro Convention Center and I loved it. Then I saw “The Glass Room”, the second floor room that has floor to ceiling windows with an incredible view and my heart dropped. I was sure it would be crazy expensive.

The door
The inside of "The Glass Room"
The balcony

The View

Surprise, Surprise… after talking to the venue coordinator I learned that the venue just charges per plate (they do the catering) with no extra cost for the room. The per plate charge includes: tables, chairs, waiters, glasses, china, silverware and cleanup. I dared ask what the price per guest was for a wedding…$40 which is not expensive compared to average weddings but way too high for me. She discussed that the price is for the hors d’oeuvres, a 5 course dinner and non-alcoholic drinks.

Wait a minute…$40 is the price for dinner. What would be the price for breakfast?... $9 and they have a established breakfast buffet menu! After learning the great price for breakfast, all that was included in the price and actually seeing the wonderful room that would be mine for 5 hours, I was sold.

Yes, I picked the first venue I researched and visited. We paid the deposit then and there, to secure the date, which thankfully was available. I’m so happy to have found a place that I love and fits in with my budget.

Was your venue hunting as easy as mine?


  1. Hi! Just saw your blog on weddingbee! As I'm also getting married in Isabela, this is very interesting to me!

    Que suerte! You're so lucky with your wedding venue!! It is beautiful and the price cannot be beat!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for reading! I hope everything goes wonderful for your wedding. If you need any help just let me know.