Monday, December 5, 2011

Honeymoon Musings

You guys may remember that all our wedding talk stemmed from my planning of a trip to Europe. Though we are now planning a wedding, my dream of going to Europe after graduation is hopefully still going to come true. In my eyes, the trip( being it my lifelong dream) was almost as important as the wedding, even if it meant scrimping and saving every last penny.

After the “formal” proposal we opened discussions about the possibility of having a European honeymoon. For me, this meant backpacking through little towns and sleeping on park benches, while Mr. Boa was thinking more along the lines of high-end hotels in strategic tourist locations. I wanted the adventure, while he wanted rest and relaxation. There was no way a backpacking trip on a shoestring budget would be relaxing, so other options had to be explored.

I researched guided tours of Europe like Contiki, Trafalgar and Globus. This last one had really promising packages and fostered the adult environment we were craving. They had a lot of itinerary options to choose from and where you got to see many places in detail. Unfortunately for me, Idea #2 was shot down by Mr. Boa, stating he didn’t want to spend his honeymoon on a bus with a dozen strangers. So it was back to the drawing board.

Since backpacking was out because of the not-so-regal accommodations, guided group tours were out because of the long bus travel time between sites, I considered cruising. Cruises were not my initial idea because you only get a couple of hours at each port and you are limited to the cities already established in the itinerary but I thought it could turn out to be perfect for us. I got on Expedia and researched a couple of different cruise line and itinerary options before presenting Idea #3 to Mr. Boa. He was instantly sold and having been on cruises before, he loved the idea of not having to travel with luggage all around Europe, getting to visit a variety of places and having the ease of travel. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea of having it as an appetizer of sorts, getting to taste a little bit of each city, before committing to a long stay. So it was finally decided we would go on a European cruise for our honeymoon. Now we just had to pick the date, the ship and the ports …no biggie right?

Did you have a cruise honeymoon? Did you explore any other options?

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