Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let There Be Cake... Cupcakes That Is !

I have a HUMONGOUS sweet tooth, I would probably be happiest if my diet consisted of flan or chocolate anything, so you can bet wedding cake was high up on my to do list.

There was no debate on what type of cake we wanted for our wedding. Even before being "officially" engaged I was enamored with the idea of doing cupcakes. It might be a popular in the wedding blogosphere but its very uncommon in weddings in my hometown.

Fad or not, I like the idea of having cupcakes for one very important reason....getting to have so many yummy flavors! Mr. Boa and I, love tasting new sweets together and I wanted incorporate that sense of culinary adventure into our wedding cake selection. Having cupcakes allows us to choose as many flavors as we want rather than limiting ourselves to the number of tiers or sheet cakes.

Cake flavor being the highlight, in my search for inspiration I stuck to cakes with minimal embellishment, a happy medium between the quirkiness of a cupcake and the formality of a traditional wedding cake.

How can you not love these?

Classic White

Love the cute butterflies!

In my wedding colors yay!

Are you having a tiered wedding cake or are you riding the cupcake fad train like me?

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