Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Making the Invite: First Drafts

Having my Lil Sis/ MOH home for the holidays has been a real blessing for the wedding planning, Especially in the invitations and paper stuff department. Just hours after she landed in Puerto Rico (at 2 am) she pulled me into her room to show me the work she had done on the wedding invitations.

From the inspiration pictures I had sent her, she came up with these two variations for general shape/concept

*Design 1                                                   *Design 2

I instantly feel smitten with Design 1, so in her handy dandy laptop Lil Sis/MOH starting designing away the rest of the invite. She added the wording I had decided on, tweaked the colors a bit and searched for hours for the perfect fonts.

The next morning when I woke up she showed me the product of her hard work.

And I discovered there is such a thing as love as first sight! They were even better than what I had imagined! We still want to do some fine tuning especially since I had forgotten to show her the paper samples :$ and she wants to match the ink colors to the paper, but we are definitely on the right track.

Did you have a part in designing your wedding invitations? Was it a good experience or a  Semi-DIY nightmare?

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