Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miss Boa has a Photographer Crush

Once upon a time, in pre-engagement land, I fell in love with a photographer, Gio Camacho at Enjoi Photo (His work not him). He has an incredible eye for capturing those wedding “moments”, those facial expression that give meaning to such a special day, making me long for some of his pictures of my very own. He just so happens to be married to one of my close friends, so I often get to salivate over pictures like this:

 Photos by Giomar Camacho at Enjoi Wedding Media Specialists

I love his photography style and how he manages to capture so much emotion in one snapshot. When wedding planning began, I was beyond excited to finally get the opportunity to work with him. Then the budget demons reared their heads, making even his most affordable wedding packages almost too expensive for me to be able to justify it to my measly budget.

After a couple of days in the budget blues, I sadly started the hunt for a photographer that could fulfill my snapshot dreams. Enter my photographer crush’s wedding pictures to my friend. Obviously being a photographer himself, he has good judgment when it comes to artistic talent. So I started researching the shutterbugs he chose to photograph his special day. Even though they have slightly different styles, I was really impressed with Keli Art Photography. Turns out she is still a photography student, trying to get her business off the ground before graduating. We got in contact and turns out we could squeeze her into our budget and get beautiful pictures like these:

 Photos by Keli Art Photography

Now a difficult decision was upon us…Should I go with my budget-blowing photography crush or take a leap of faith with an affordable and extremely promising photography student ?

What would you guys do?

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