Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Search for a Song

Choosing a first dance song has been a humongous wedding planning headache. We don’t have a song or artist we identified with before getting engaged, so we had to start the sappy song search from scratch. I must have sent my Mr. Boa about a gazillion youtube links over the last 7 months and he had something to say about each and every one.

The first batch of links I sent were all from Il Divo, one of our favorite musicians. They were very romantic, suit the mood and were in Spanish, which meant our guest would understand the lyrics.

Some of the Il Divo songs I liked:

Si Tu Me Amas 

Hasta Mi Final

With You I'm Born Again

These were immediately shot down by FI, for being to opera-ish and making us seem like we are trying to hard. Next.

Second batch of song links I sent, were Disney love songs, as I thought it would be nice to infuse a little Disney magic somewhere other than our cake topper.

Some of the contenders for our Disney first dance were:

So Close – from Enchanted

If I Never Knew You – from Pocahontas 10th Anniversary Edition DVD

So This Is Love – by James Ingram  from Cinderella

After some consideration, Mr. Boa decided Disney songs were a little too out there for his traditional self, but marked “So Close” as a possible contender. I had fallen totally in love with the Disney first dance idea so I was a little bummed he wasn't totally onboard. It took  a couple of weeks hiatus from wedding song searching to recover from the disappointment. 

Was your search for a first dance song a no-brainer or was it as complicated as mine? Do you have any song suggestions for us?

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