Friday, January 27, 2012

A Dress Made Just for Me

Though my wedding dress shopping trips (here and here) were wonderful, none of the dresses I tried on felt like "the One". When looking back at pictures of myself in wedding gowns, I could plainly see my face all lit up when I was swathed in big poufy skirts. I had become drawn to the ballgown silhouette I swore never to wear. A new Internet search, this time focused on finding floaty ballgowns was commenced. It was during this new search that I found HER.

Who is she, you may ask? She is the most gorgeous wedding dress that has ever existed, the perfect combination of romance, poof and sexiness. I present to you…Isabel (I don’t like calling her Tara Keely #TK2210, seems too impersonal. I might add, I tend to name inanimate objects like cars, shoes and kitchen appliances)

* Picture from JLM Couture
* Pictures from JLM Couture

As wonderful as she is, I couldn't justify spending thousands on a dress I will wear for only a couple of hours. I had fallen in love with Isabel’s lace, tulle and the her versatility as convertible dress. In slides Mami Boa to save the day, when I whined to her about my love for Isabel, her response was simple; call Jose Braulio. Jose Braulio is a local designer whom we have known for 10+ years. Over the years, he has designed:

My QuinceaƱera dress

My Prom Dress

Lil Boa's Prom Dress

and a couple of other special ocassion gowns. As you can see we have quite a history with him  and having him custom design a wedding gown for me was a brilliant idea! (Cant' believe I didn't think of it myself) I could have the things about Isabel that I loved combined with his unique aesthetic but without a hefty pricetag. 

Last weekend I drove with Mami Boa to his design studio for an initial meeting. I showed him pictures of Isabel and he agreed that it was a beautiful dress which would work perfectly for the style/feel of my wedding and with my body shape.

After a couple of minutes conversation about the wedding and my dress preferences, he came up with a preliminary sketch.On my wedding day, I will wear a all-over lace mini dress with off the shoulder sleeves and a tulle overskirt tied on with a satin ribbon.

Swoon! I love what he came up with on the first try. He took a gazillion measurements and said he would call in a month for my first fitting. I'm so happy to finally say yes to a dress (even though I won't actually have it until a couple of weeks before the wedding eek!), even more so to one I absolutely adore.

Did you consider getting a custom gown?

* All picture personal unless noted otherwise

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