Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You may recall my previous dilemma with choosing a photographer, having to pick between the budget busting professional or the extremely promising photography student. Taking suggestions made in the comments to heart, we scheduled a meeting at a local coffee shop with Keli Art Photography.

Keli arrived with her fiancee, Che, graphic designer and the second shooter at Keli Art Photography.  They make a super cute couple, were both extremely nice and patiently answered my million questions and concerns in a friendly manner.We had lots of things in common seeing as we are all around the same age and they are getting married in a couple of months too. After spending almost two hours chatting about the wedding, traveling and food, I think it's safe it's safe to say we had great chemistry with them. When I mentioned wanting to take our engagement pictures on our college campus(a nod to where we met and fell in love) Che light up with a huge smile, saying he'd been itching to take pictures in a library, an idea that was definitely on my wish list. It appears it was meant to be!

Their happy energy, receptiveness to new ideas and the great chemistry we shared made me certain we made the perfect choice by signing the contract on the spot. We didn't book them just because they were affordable (though it certainly played a part) but because they take gorgeous pictures and we just clicked with them as a couple, I have a really good gut feeling about working with them. I'm glad to cross off one more thing on my check list, but I'm especially relieved to finally have someone to capture memories of our special day in pictures I love like these:

* All pictures by Keli Art Photgraphy

Do you think I made the best choice? How did you choose your photographer?

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