Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Field Full of Flowers

I have a confession to make: I don't like flowers. I don't like receiving flower bouquets or filling my house with bloom filled vases. But I insisted on having natural flowers included in my wedding. I just generally associate weddings with colorful blooms and their sweet smell.

I lucked out with Carlos, my wedding decorator/ florist, who is one of Mami Boa's best friends best friends.He did the decorations for both of my cousin's quinceañeros (We will be reusing the glass vases from one of these) a couple of proms at their school. Since he has become a friend of the family and knows I'm on a tiny budget, he quoted me a fixed price for his labor and
offered us all the materials, linens and flowers at cost. This made it possible for us to outsource
all the decorating to him and avoid some crazy intense DIY projects. 

Before meeting with Carlos to discuss all things flowers, I had narrowed down my centerpieces inspirations to modern all white centerpieces. I thought they should contrast nicely with the white table linens and dark purple sheer organza overlay I had already fallen in love with.
Close up of the detailed ribbon stitching in varying shades of purple on the table overlay.

Some of the pictures I showed Carlos were:

Image via stylemepretty.com / Photo by 


Source: simplyfabeventdesign.blogspot.com via MissBoa on Pinterest

Thankfully, awesome wedding decorator had the same idea for centerpieces and he recommended we use white hydrangeas and roses on top of a tall square glass vase topped with curly willow. Clean, Modern and inexpensive if we only use a couple of hydrangea blooms per arrangement.

For the bouquets, he thought of adding a pop of color and dimension against my white dress by using  lavender hued hydrangeas and some white calla lilies, while Lil Boa would have a small all-white rose bouquet.

Imagine this but with lavender hydrangea
Photo by: 
Open Air Photography on The Brides Cafe via Lover.ly 
The rest of the flowers (boutonnieres, altar decorations, pews etc.) I left in his very capable hands with the only instruction of keeping it all under budget. There was only one flower I insisted be included in my bouquet and centerpieces, Abuela Boa's garden grown orchids.


* All orchid pictures personal

Ever since Mr. Boa started talking about tying the knot, Abuela Boa has been set on growing some orchids we can use in our wedding. Hopefully they will still be in bloom come late May (They can be quite temperamental) and I'll be able to incorporate some of them into the flower arrangements.

How did you decide on your wedding flowers? Which flowers did you decide on? Did your florist share your vision or did your vision completely change after meeting your florist?

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