Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do My Hair

As I told you guys in my hair chronicles, I've been growing my hair for the wedding for a while now in hopes of achieve a wedding look similar to those below.
ballet wedding gown
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rustic Chic Wedding | Greg Thompson | Bridal Musings (14)
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Call me crazy, but I will not only be doing my own makeup for my morning wedding I will also be doing my hair (it will be a joint effort between Mami Boa and me). Last weekend while my little Boa cousins did my nails, Mami Boa decided to hold a DIY hair trial on my slightly damp hair. It's really important to me that my wedding day curls are big, luscious and natural looking and hold all pretty through the morning. I'm not a huge fan of tightly wound curling iron because of the damage it may cause my locks so we decided to try use the pin curl method instead.

Mami Boa used a technique very similar to the one described in the video, the only difference being that  that we started at the bottom instead and used bobby pins to hold the curls up. Since we just wanted to see the overall look and how well the curls held on their own, we didn't use any hair products at all, making my hair super frizzy.
After 1+ hours of sitting while Mami Boa pin curled my hair.
After only 1 minute of being curled my hair was already taking shape

 After sleeping overnight with the pin curls
Curls immediately after removing
the bobby pins the next morning
6 hours later... curls still going strong

DIY Pin Curls : SUCCESS! I got exactly the luscious locks I was hoping for and them some. Totally felt like a Victoria's Secret bombshell for the rest of the day. For the wedding, I would like to define and separate the curls more, do something about all the frizz and maybe shake my head around for a bit to loosen all the curls up.

The plan for the wedding is to pin my hair the Friday night before, sleep in the pin curls, wake up early (like at 5am) the next day and style my hair a bit. We will definitely be using some frizz control and curl creme on the day of to tame the flyaways and help define the curls a little more. As much as I hate it, a healthy portion of hair spray will probably be making an appearance if I have any hope of my curls surviving until mid -afternoon.

What do you think of my DIY curls? Will you be doing your own hair for your wedding? Why not?

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