Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making the Invite:The Reveal

We have mailed 2 invitations and hand-delivered 47 others, making the coast clear to reveal the Boa invitations. After a sifting through tons of inspirations pictures, a couple of drafts, dozens of paper samples and wording  the Boa invitations are finally done. The work was ALL worth it, I absolutely ADORE my our invitations - If it were possible to marry paper products Mr Boa would be sitting in dumpsville. 

Without further ado, the Boa invitations;

We chose Silver for the envelopes and the shimmery purple (Violette) for the invitation mat, both from Cards & Pockets and wrapped it all up with some pretty striped twine.

The first thing guests will see when the pull out our invitation is the information card.

Instead of having a registry, reception, RSVP and website card, we got all the information we needed on one piece of paper instead of four, saving us a bunch on paper and printing costs. 

Translation: Left to Right, Top to Bottom
After the ceremony we would like you to join us for breakfast at:....
We humbly request all guests dress in shades of green, purple or gray
There is no better gift than your presence but if you wish to give a present we prefer it be cash (Before condemning me to wedding etiquette hell please refer to Asking for Money )
We have reserved blank spaces in your honor please RSVP by May 1st by calling...
For more information visit www....

Francez and Tomas join their lives in the greatest of all adventures
Share with us the start of our new life together

I had an great experience with the vendors associated with this project. Lil Boa did an incredible job translating my inspiration into a final design and patiently worked with me even after my 5 or 6 requests for an edits. Cards & Pockets and Catprint were both a delight to work with were really responsive during my time with them. 

The budget breakdown for my Semi-DIY invitations was as follows:

Invitation Design - wedding gift from  Lil Boa
240yds Oyster Striped Twine $12.95 + 3.25 shipping = $16.20 (The Country Chicken at Etsy)
 55 - Catprint  4 x 6 Invitation ($42.25 full Bleed)+ Information card ($22.74) + 7.70 shipping = $72.69
 55 -  Cards and Pockets Envelopes ($11.50) + Invitation Mats (11.00) + 12.29 shipping = $34.84
Scrapbook Glue Sticks = $3.99 for pack of 3 
Purple Shimmer Pen for envelopes = $3.21

Total = $130.93 or $2.38 per invite

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