Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Unconventional Bachelorette

One of the cons of having only one bridal attendant is missing out on all the typical bachelorette fun I could have had with my bridesmaids. On the other hand, a lot of my closest college friends are men of the homosexual orientation. A "typical" girls only bachelorette party would have excluded them from the festivities, which I found totally unfair.

For this reason, I decided to go a slightly unconventional route. Since I really wanted the opportunity to party with all my college friends one last time before the craziness of finals/wedding/honeymoon/moving/jobs/real life set in, I invited all of them, gay/straight/guy/girl, to meet me at our local gay bar for karaoke on open bar night. You could say I threw myself a kind of - sort of - bachelorette party

Saying we had a blast that night is an understatement! A drag queen brought me on-stage to serenade me,  the owner of the bar came over to personally to give her congratulations on the upcoming nuptials and gifted our party a round of shots. Over 30 of my friends showed up, some of them even brought me some penis paraphernalia my favorite being the light up penis veil (sorry pictures are not suitable for the interwebs) so I could feel like I lived the true bachelorette experience. After a little coaxing from my part even Mr. Boa decided to pop by for a bit. I invited him from the start but he decided to leave me have my fun before joining me before the party ended.

Here we are being serenaded by yet another person

I also wanted to note that I'm proof that you can have fun while sober! I didn't even get a little bit tipsy during my bachelorette party. I knew  I had only 2 hours to sleep when I got home (had to wake up early to continuing studying for a test) so alcohol was off limits all night and I still had a great time.

Having a "typical" bachelorrete party with only my close girlfriends would have been a little difficult to coordinate. They live all over the island and have totally diffrent schedules, by planning my own party I made sure I would get to have this silly but once in a lifetime event. I plan on getting married only once, meaning I had only one shot at having a bachelorette party and I'm so glad I went the unconventional route.

Lil Boa living all the way in NYC meant she had to miss this party but she more than made up for it by gifting me a hotel weekend getaway with her, at a swanky hotel the weekend before finals. I'm definitely looking forward to some R&R and a gabfest with my little sister. Some rest and relaxation is something I really need now than we are nearing the one month mark!

What did you or your friends plan for you bachelorette bash?

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