Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Memento from My Parent's Wedding

A long time ago, I asked Mami Boa if I could use her wedding glasses if they were still around. She answered in the affirmative, super excited that I will be including a memento for her wedding into my big day.   I finally saw the glasses this weekend and I'm totally in love. 

Straight out of the box where they have been stored for almost 25 years.
With a little TLC, some cleaning and a little shine on the silver part they will look as good as new. We had a little scare with one of them when the cup came apart form the stem, but it wasn't anything a little glue couldn't handle.

I'm so glad my parents kept these after all these years.Iit gives us the opportunity to honor their marriage and incorporate it into our wedding in a deeply personal way. As soon as I saw them my eyes got all misty eyed thinking that in a few days I will be toasting to our marriage with the same glasses my parents did years ago. I find something about that incredibly romantic and hopefully a little of their great marriage juju will rub off on us.

 Will you be incorporating a memento of your parent's wedding into your own?

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