Monday, May 28, 2012

My Dress is Sewn

Now that the wedding is over, I can show you how my dress looked at my last fitting 6 days from the wedding. First off I must say, I love love love love how my dress turned out, the fit, the fabric, it;'s all perfect. The designer took some creative liberty from the original design by adding a thicker sash (which I love) and by adding a huge bow. The bow makes the dress more high fashioned or something but it was definitely  not part of the romantic vibe I was going for.

I was really torn up about what to do; Should I embrace the awesomeness of the bow and forget my past vision or stay true to my wedding vision and get the bow taken off? I liked how the bow looked and Mami and Lil Boa went totally crazy over it but something just didn't feel right to me. I turned to the weddingbee boards in search of comfort and the Hive unanimously said I should get rid of the bow. I slept on it and in the morning called the designer to discuss an alteration. I explained I wasn't feeling the bow and  that I would feel more comfortable with it taken off and a smaller more delicate looking one be put in it's place. I was really nervous about the conversation but Jose Braulio was a champ about it, saying the important thing being that I felt comfortable on my wedding day. When I went to pick up my dress (the night before) and tried it on for the last time before the wedding I ultimately decided to eliminate the bow.

What are your thoughts ; Option A:Bow 
                                         Option B: No Bow

Originally the sleeves where going to be removable but we all loved how it looked and it was decided that they would be permanently put on the dress.

The dress was tiiiigggghhhhhhhttt. I had gained 5 lbs since my first fitting by overeating over the stress of finals, making the dress super duper snug.g and I didn't get to have my dress until the night before because the designer had to re-sew the skirt to fit me. I could breathe in the dress but sitting down and climbing steps was practically impossible. Since I had to climb a few dozen steps into the reception, I had to crash diet in order to  lose a few pounds the week of the wedding. I felt like I had no other choice, my wedding was six days away, there was no time for alterations and there was no way I could by a new dress. I would not recommend this to anyone! Looking in retrospect, it would have been much smarter to start eating healthier long beforehand and learn to manage my stress without recurring to emotional eating.

Did you have to lose weight before the wedding?

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