Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Boa's Morning Wedding Timeline

For my sanity on wedding day, I decided to do a detailed wedding day timeline I could send to all the people involved in the planning, hopefully curbing some issues that may come up that day. Unfortunately since it seems morning receptions are a bit uncommon, the Internet wasn't much help. So this is what I came up with on my own:

6:00am Wake Up - 2 hours for DIY Hair and Makeup
8:00am Photographers arrive and take pictures of bride around the house
8:45am Off to Church
9:00am Ceremony Starts
9:30am Ceremony Ends
9:50am Guests arrive at Reception Venue and are seated
10:10am  The Boa's Entrance- “Marry You

First Dance - “You Belong to Me”
Welcome - Mr. & Mrs. Boa (MRS!!!!)
10:20am Buffet is opened, led by The Boas
11:00am   Speeches (when everyone is seated) 
11:15am Father Daughter Dance - “y como es el
11:20am Let's get (hopefully) this party started

During the next 70 minutes the DJ will slip these events into song set
Shoe Game
Bouquet Toss “Single Ladies
Garter Toss
Cake Cutting “Lucky
12:30pm(SHARP) Last Song “Amazed”
Ask all guest to go down to the first floor for a picture from the balcony

      • 1 photgrapher will organize guests downstairs
      • 1 photographer snaps pictures of the newlyweds during their private last dance.
Newlyweds depart reception amid a cloud of bubbles
12:45pm Start of 30 min photo shoot of The Boas
1:15pm The Boas make way to Bride's House to change and pick up luggage
2:00pm Latest we can leave for the airport
6:30pm Plane leaves for Rome

It's a bit unconventional seeing as we will not be having a cocktail hour, we will be the only one's having an "entrance", the bride and groom will do the welcome speech and we will be taking photos after the reception. I'm really happy with how it turned out, it will be extremely personal and hopefully it will help things going smoothly. We also have to end the reception early because we found super cheap flights to Rome leaving the same day and the airport is two hours away. 

Did you prepare a wedding day timeline?

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