Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet our car, Charlotte, but you can can her Lola

After a month and half of car pooling, I finally bought a car, my first car ever!

I had been doing research online for a couple of months, trying to find the one car that would satisfy all our needs. We wanted a new SUV that was small yet spacious, with good mileage and an integrated Nav/Com system. I looked into 5-6 different models like the the Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson and the Kia Sportage, all of which filled our requirements. In the end, the 2013 Ford Escape beat them all out for a spot in our household. Even though we would have to pay a bit more to include all the features we wanted, the glowing reviews of the Ford Escape really won us over.

But getting a freaking 2013 Escape was hard! The were released in late June, making them very new on the market. They were also selling like hot cakes, I dealer would tell me Friday night that they had 7 Escapes on the lot and the when we went to check them out on Saturday morning they had all been sold. After almost 2 weeks of looking at the inventory of different dealers we finally found one close-by that had the model we wanted. After a couple of days of dealing with getting insurance and approved for a car loan, we finally got to take her home.

So I now present to you the newest part of our family, Charlotte but you may call her Lola : )

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  1. Although mooooonths after you posted this... we're looking into an Escape, too! David's car will have to be retired sometime sooner than later, so we're thinking of replacing it end of the year/beginning of next year.
    I'd love to hear some personal feedback from you if you have the time.