Friday, August 17, 2012

Jibarita Eats: Taste of Belgium

One our first restaurant discoveries in Cincinnati was the gloriousness of Taste of Belgium in Over The Rhine. We stumbled across this top brunch spot on a late afternoon while waiting for an event at the recently renovated Washington Park. Since every other restaurant in the vicinity has an hour long wait we decided to adventure into this land of waffle.

We both decided to try the iconic Chicken and Waffles dish since that was probably something we wouldn't have been able to find any place else. The chicken was rich and juicy and the coating was toasted to perfection. The waffle... hmmm honestly not my favorite. I prefer a slightly sweeter and softer waffle like the ones I had at Bruges Waffles in Salt Lake City.  We also ordered some dessert waffles and while yummy once again the waffle was very very stiff and not as sweet as I would have liked it.Taste of Belgium had some tough competition in the waffle department but I guess it held it own.

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