Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 Day Getaway: Rome

We are that crazy newlywed couple that left for their honeymoon immediately after the wedding. We left our wedding reception at two pm, raced home for a quick change and shower before commencing the two and half hour drive to the airport where we would catch our six pm flight to Rome. Thankfully there weren't any car accidents, road constructions or flat tires to contend with, so we made it to the airport with plenty of time. After spending a total of 16 hours traveling, which we mostly spent sleeping, we arrived in the Eternal City. We took a taxi from the airport and and got our first look of this gorgeous city on the ride to the hotel. 

Tiny glimpse of the Colosseum at the end
We arrived, check-in, dropped our bags and sped out to enjoy the last few hours of daylight. I have to say that staying at Hotel Morgana was one of the best decisions we made about on the trip. The hotel is really close to the train station, has INCREDIBLE service and I thought our room was gorgeous. What do you think? Not too shabby a place to spend our first night as a married couple ; )

My first experience in Europe was magical. Still basking in the newlywed bliss, everything seamed so much more beautiful and romantic. We had a couple of hours of daylight left so we wandered around and tried to take everything in. In the wandering around, we happened upon the Spanish Steps just as the sun was going down.

A little more wandering around and a few hours later we happened upon the Trevi Fountain. We basically just walked right into it. We were walking in it's general direction and the fountain kind of creeped out of nowhere. 

After staring/taking pictures of the fountain for a solid hour we to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the hotel. The food was pretty uneventful, so much so that I don't even remember the name of the restaurant I just remember being insanely tired. 

On the second day, we visited the Ancient part of the city, walking until our legs almost fell off.

Visiting the Colosseum was Tomas's favorite part of Rome. As avid fans of Spartacus, walking around the ancient building made what we had watched on television so much more real. We got to walk the sand that the ancient gladiators had walked and Tomas got super excited about it (When we arrived back home, he would watch Spartacus for hours)
Colosseum Arena
We walked from the Colosseum all the way up to the Pantheon, enjoying the beautiful Roman architecture along the way.

The last day of our honeymoon was spent back in the wonderful city of Rome, this time visiting the treasures inside Vatican City. You could say we saved the best for last!

Castel Sant'Angelo
First Glimpse of Vatican

Vatican City was the perfect end to the perfect honeymoon. St.Peter's Cathedral is simply breathtaking...there are no words to do this place justice. We were completely awestruck with the magnitude and beauty it holds. It's truly remarkable. 

Taking Mass at St.Peter's Cathedral 

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