Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lives Intertwined: Walk Down the Aisle

I arrived at the church early and after 2 drives around the block to kill time, we finally stopped right in front of the doors of the church. As I sat in the car speaking with the priest that would marry us (who I had never met because the priest that was supposed to marry us had to run off to another commitment), I see some nervous conversations going on.

Finally Papi Boa mustered up the the courage and said three little words to me: "Photographer isn't here". This was a surprise since we had all left my parent's house, which is 10 minutes away from the church,  at the same time. I stepped out of the car, Google searching the photographer's phone number on Papi Boa's cel (because I of course did not have my phone) and dialing it on my Lil Boa's cel simultaneously.

When the photographer picked up the phone, I learned that they were headed towards our reception venue, thinking that we were holding our ceremony there. As I quickly corrected her, I could feel her heart sink through the phone, she was so sad and apologized about a thousand times during our thirty second conversation. She asked for us to stall 15-20 minutes until she could get to the church. Through it all, I surprisingly maintained a very calm demeanor. I was still in that happy daze from that morning, marveled that I would soon be married to the love of my life. Not even a missing photographer rattled my resolve.

I made a decision; I decided to start the ceremony without the photographer there. We had 70+ starving guests sitting in a church at nine in the morning, a priest getting nervous because he had a communion ceremony at 9:30 and a reeeaalllllyy tight timeline because of our flights to Rome. Making the decision to go ahead seemed like a no brainer. So I hung up the phone, turned around and told everyone to take out their iphones 'cause I was getting married.

I'm soooo glad that we didn't choose to have an unplugged wedding because all those cellphones and point and shoots blocking the aisle, saved some irreplaceable memories on film. Don't be mistaken, I love our choice in photographer and would book them a hundred times again, it was a true delight to work with them. They did make it to our ceremony, just missing my walk down the aisle. They also more than made up for the slight misunderstanding by taking AWESOME pictures, which we love, and giving us a much welcome surprise later in the day.

* All the pictures were taken by guests

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lives Intertwined: Pictures of the Bride

After some shots putting the final touches on my outfit, I followed the photographers outside to take some pictures on my family's property. The results of this 30 minute shoot, squished in before leaving for the ceremony, ended up providing us with some of my favorite shots of the day.

And it was off to the church...

* All photos by Keli Art Photography

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Inspection Done!

We had the inspection done on our *hopefully* future house today. I believe it went pretty well since none of the problems are a big deal which was expected for a 10 year old house. The inspector found 2 small cracks on the foundation between the garage and the house a and the bottom front step is all cracked. A glass window in front of the house if broken and will need to be replaced and a radon mitigation system should be added to the basement because it had a pretty high radon level. We' asked the sellers to fix all of the problems found in the inspection (except fix the dishwasher because we plan on replacing it soon) and they agreed to it.So far smooth sailing.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lives Intertwined: Getting Dressed

On the day of my wedding I woke up at a quarter to six in the morning. I had chosen to get dressed at my childhood home and it was comforting to wake up surrounded by stuffed animals and old ballet slippers. Lil Boa and Mami Boa were already up and bustling around the house while waiting for the bride to wake. I had slept with my hair in ringlets that had to be loosed and sprayed in place and Mami Boa got to work on doing her magic with my makeup. Surprisingly, I spent the whole morning in some kind of happy daze, just marveled at the fact that I was actually getting married, that THIS was finally the day I had been looking forward to for so long. I cracked jokes while Mami Boa's hand trembled as her tears fell while putting on my eyeliner and stood peacefully as four women tried to zip me into a wedding dress that barely fit. Though I too love pictures of brides getting ready, I chose to share my time getting ready only with Lil Boa, Mami Boa, one of my aunts and my grandmother. It was an intimate and emotional time for all of us and I'm glad I got to spend my last time as their single little girl in privacy.

The photographer had perfect timing, arriving at exactly eight in the morning, just a couple of minutes after we had finished with my hair and makeup. We all went up to my room for shots of the outfit and some final prep.

* All photos by Keli Art Photography

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lives Intertwined: Recap Before Recaps

Hola Hive!

Exactly six months ago the Boas said I do. A lot more has happened since then! We honeymooned in Europe for three weeks, graduated college, packed up our belongings and moved to Cincinnati, started new jobs, bought a new car and hopefully we'll soon buy our first house. Saying it's been a whirlwind adventure is an understatement! I'm now onto my next adventure... Recaps!

Just in case you haven't seen me around these parts before, how about a little background?

The Boa's are from opposite sides of the island paradise of Puerto Rico, who met at the start of their freshman year in college and have been inseparable ever since. We got semi-engaged while on vacation in Vieques and got "officially" engaged a couple of months later surrounded by dozens of our friends. While in between proposals, we made some pretty important decisions regarding the wedding, like choosing to have morning wedding followed by a breakfast reception and deciding to keep the guest list under 100. We also chose to get married in the church where my parents, grandparents and great grandparents had been married followed by breakfast at the first venue we looked at.

After thinking about my wedding day look, I tried on dresses and more dresses but none of them turned out to be the one. I decided to go the custom-made route and get a dress made just for me. We had a couple of fittings to make it perfect for the big day. I finished my wedding look with DIY hair and had my makeup done by Mami Boa.

Though I'm far from being a DIY queen, I'm proud of myself for accomplishing a few key projects that made the wedding uniquely ours, namely our invitations, I Spy Cards, coffee favors, table numbers and seating chart, all of them tying in our wedding colors of purples and grays.

1. Invitations by Mrs. Macarons via Weddingbee 2. Bouquet via The French Bouquet / Photo by Candi Coffman Photography 3. Dress via J.Crew 4. Straws via At Home with Kim Vallee / Photo by cindaychae on Flickr 5. Card box by Mrs. Cola via Weddingbee / Photo by Shoot Me Now Photography 6. Cupcakes by Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes 7. Colors via Pantone 8. Cupcake tower by Pink Cake Box 9. Twine via The Twinery on Etsy

On our wedding day a lot of unexpected things went wrong but it was still our day. That one day in the history of our lives where we stood in front of all our friends and family and swore to love each other till eternity, where our two lives became one. The memories of that day I will always cherish, mishaps and all. It's these perfectly unperfect memories, that I will share with you.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

What the hell are recaps?

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for the last month or so. I've been hard at work on writing my recaps for Weddingbee as Mrs.Boa. For those of you who are wondering what recaps and Mrs. Boas is, last January I was selected out of many applicants to write, under the pseudonym of Miss Boa, about my wedding planning for Weddingbee, a national wedding website. As my wedding has come and gone and the wedding pictures have been in my possession for quite a while, I'll fulfill my last responsibility as a Weddingbee blogger by recapping all the part of my wedding for the website. During the next few weeks you might be inundated with posts about our wedding but once I'm done with my recapping commitment with Weddingbee I promise it'll be the last you hear of the wedding... for now.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Going Under Contract

Happy Turkey Day!

We spent our thanksgiving stuffing our faces and relishing in the fact that we had just put in an offer for our first house. We put in our offer early Monday morning and negotiated with the sellers during Tuesday and Wednesday and finally signed our agreed upon contract today.

The negotiating went as follows: Our initial offer was for $30,000 less than listing price or 86%, $1,000 earnest money, no closing cost assistance and a 60 day closing because we were leaving to visit Puerto Rico for a month and wouldn’t have a chance to finish the loan application before we left. Their immediate response was that the offer was really low but that they were still willing to negotiate.

On Tuesday, we got their first counter offer for $10,000 less than listing price or 95% and $4,000 earnest money. We immediately countered back at 20,000 less than listing or 91% with $2,500 in earnest money. Wednesday morning, we got their last and final offer for $15,000 less than listing or 93% with $3,000 earnest money and we ACCEPTED!.... $15,000 less than listing price was EXACTLY what I wanted to pay for the house and it was totally the number we were hoping to reach when we put in our offer for $30,000 under.

The inspection is scheduled to be done next Thursday and hopefully the house is in good shape (Should be since its only 10 years old). We are now gathering all our paperwork to start the fun process of mortgage loan application.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Offer is In!

And we chose ……house #2! Although we both fell in love with the updated look of house #1 (OMG that kitchen!), the great neighborhood  and extra space of house #2 won out.  Who knew those 300 sq. ft would be so crucial. We saw both houses back to back on Saturday and made our decision immediately after. The offer went in the morning.

On the offer itself,  we went in with a very low initial offer, as I have a number in my head that I want to buy the house for. We offered about $30,000 less than listing price (86% of listing price) and hopefully with a little negotiation we’ll end up half way between this first offer and listing price. Cross your fingers for us.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Might have found the ONE

We've been house hunting for a couple of months now (seen over 40 houses) and we have narrowed it down to 2 houses that we saw today.

Both are less than 10 years old and have 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths and an unfinished basement (We will plan on finishing no matter which house we choose to add entertaining space and a 4th bedroom). Although we don't have kids right now this will most probably where we will be living once the kiddos come along. We are looking at living here 7-10 years so our future kids would maybe make it to first grade in the school district.

House #1:  1,666 sq ft - Completely updated, Open Floor plan (Living room, dining room and kitchen are all in one long space), crummy school district (but with the possibility of magnet schools) and the neighborhood is good but not great. Owner got relocated for work and is very motivated to sell.
Updated House or Fixer Upper? :  wedding House 1

Updated House or Fixer Upper? :  wedding Living Room 1

Updated House or Fixer Upper? :  wedding Kitchen 1

Updated House or Fixer Upper? :  wedding Bath 1

House #2: 1,984 sq ft - Great big floor plan (Has formal dining room and living room in addition to breakfast nook and large family room) but needs updating (Replace carpet with wood floors on first level, kitchen and bathroom countertops, tile in bathrooms, light fixtures, appliances etc.), best school district and best neighborhood  Owner has already moved and has been carrying 2 mortgages since march.

Updated House or Fixer Upper? :  wedding House 2

Updated House or Fixer Upper? :  wedding Family 2

Updated House or Fixer Upper? :  wedding Kitchen 2

Updated House or Fixer Upper? :  wedding Bath 2