Monday, June 25, 2012

Work Starts Now

Reality starts now!

The wedding is over, the honeymoon has ended and I'm about to dip myself into the deep, endless pool of adulthood. I start work tomorrow morning and although I'm excited, I can't help but also feel a bit melancholic. It's as if I've been working towards this all my life and now that the moment is finally here it all feels a bit anti-climatic. I've had a pretty conventional life: Went to school, went to college and got a job. In school I got good grades so that I would do well in high school, in high school I studied so that I would get into a college and in college I killed myself so that I would find a good job or grad school. Either way, after that your done.

It feels like I've finished the part of my life I feel like I could plan out and control. Finishing college is something that you can control. Show up for class, study and take tests are all actions you have complete control over. Everything else after that is up in the air. You can't control when/if you have children (at least not to a science), what position you'll have in your company five years from now or when you meet your soul mate and fall in love (Hey, look at me! I swore I would never get married and here I am settling down at 23).

Sure I could dream about winning the Noble Peace Prize or becoming CEO but realistically (and statistically) those things are not likely to happen. Even if by some chance they did, it would have do more with the circumstances and being in the right places at the right time than my skill, responsibility and dedication.

With all this in mind, I do appreciate the opportunity to start fresh. I'm getting to start a whole new chapter in my life, where I get to dream new dreams and make new goals.

The Boas Are Back

One month ago today the Boas promised to love each other forever, had a wedding, left for Europe, came back, packed and moved.

Phew! I'm glad that's all over and done with.

Seriously, as much as I enjoyed our wedding and subsequent special events, it feels nice to come back to real life and enjoy regular non-wedding planning life with my husband (HUSBAND! yikes),

My wedding day was the most incredible day EVER! On my wedding day I woke up in a weirdly calm zen state, I really didn't care about the details and I knew some things would go wrong but I was just blissfully happy to be marrying my best friend. Even with some minor mishaps I believe my wedding day was simply perfect. In the words of one of our guests, the day was totally us, everything from the food to the music to the atmosphere clearly reflected our personalities and our relationship. I'd say mission accomplished!

After spending an incredible morning in the company of our nearest and dearest we slipped away to the airport (after a quick wardrobe change) to begin our first great adventure as Mr. and Mrs. We spent 12 glorious days cruising the Mediterranean and post-cruise spent four days exploring different cities in Italy.We went to 3 different countries, 10 cities and spent a couple of days just lounging around in newlywed bliss. I'm now working on condensing 18 days of awesomeness into my honeymoon recaps which I'll soon be sharing.

We got home to Puerto Rico just last week and landed in the flurry of activity that is moving.  I now write to you from the city my new job has taken me to, Cincinnati, Ohio which will hopefully be the place were we make our home and build a family.

Today, the Boas celebrate their one month anniversary and I can honestly say it has been the most incredible 30 days of my life. I'm beyond grateful to have found my partner in life, with whom I had the opportunity to share all these new experiences with and so many more that are left to come.

I'm anxiously waiting my pro pics so I can share them with the Hive, until then I leave you with a tiny sneak peek into my day.

*All pictures are courtesy of wedding guests

Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm on the plane, finally on my one way trip to Cincinnati. I'm leaving all of my family and friends for the opportunity to explore a new place and build a home. It feels strange to take this trip by myself. For the last 6 months, I had been imagining what this trip would feel like, me and Tomas, still in our honeymoon bubble, excitedly giggling about this new adventure we would embark together. Instead, I'm sitting by myself (the sweaty guy to my left isn't my idea of good company) missing my husband of barely one-month. This definitely was not how I intended to spend my first couple of months of marriage. Tomas will be staying behind for a few weeks getting some affairs in order back home. Hopefully these 5 weeks will go by in a flash and we'll be able to leave this all behind us.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coffee Favoring

I originally didn't want to do favors. IMHO they are pretty unnecessary and as cheap as they might turn out it was a part of the budget I could use for something else. My opinion changed when Mami Boa mentioned that a co-worker had loved The Perfect Blend Coffee favors she had a received at a recent wedding. Hmmmmmm Coffee... my whole family is composed of big coffee addicts. One of my aunts on my dad's side even has her own coffee brand. Titi D is the co-owner of Cafe Utopia, an artesanal coffee, harvested in the mountains between Mayaguez and Maricao. Her brand is a rich dark Puertorican coffee blend that makes an incredible espresso. Coffee would make a perfect favor to give at our morning wedding!

After Mami Boa's comment, I asked Titi D for little 2oz bags of her ground coffee so that we could gift our guests with. She totally loved the idea but since we wanted the coffee to be as fresh as possible it wasn't picked, roasted, ground and packed until at least a month before the wedding. Unfortunately she would be packing the coffee in brown craft bags that did absolutley nothing for our color scheme. 

Enter Lil Boa to the rescue! She designed a Moo rectangular sticker that was just the perfect size for the little bags using the template she created for our invitations. The sticker has our names, "Thank you for sharing this special event with us" and our wedding date. The stickers arrived in around 10 days with standard shipping and where just the ideal size for the bag.

I recieved all the bags about 5 days before the wedding and thought they needed a little more jazzing up. I used some striped twine left over from the invitations to create little bows on the top part of each bag. I think the twine and the bow add a little extra pizzazz to the overall look of the favor? Don't you agree?

Did you change your mind about having or not having favors?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Boa's Morning Wedding Timeline

For my sanity on wedding day, I decided to do a detailed wedding day timeline I could send to all the people involved in the planning, hopefully curbing some issues that may come up that day. Unfortunately since it seems morning receptions are a bit uncommon, the Internet wasn't much help. So this is what I came up with on my own:

6:00am Wake Up - 2 hours for DIY Hair and Makeup
8:00am Photographers arrive and take pictures of bride around the house
8:45am Off to Church
9:00am Ceremony Starts
9:30am Ceremony Ends
9:50am Guests arrive at Reception Venue and are seated
10:10am  The Boa's Entrance- “Marry You

First Dance - “You Belong to Me”
Welcome - Mr. & Mrs. Boa (MRS!!!!)
10:20am Buffet is opened, led by The Boas
11:00am   Speeches (when everyone is seated) 
11:15am Father Daughter Dance - “y como es el
11:20am Let's get (hopefully) this party started

During the next 70 minutes the DJ will slip these events into song set
Shoe Game
Bouquet Toss “Single Ladies
Garter Toss
Cake Cutting “Lucky
12:30pm(SHARP) Last Song “Amazed”
Ask all guest to go down to the first floor for a picture from the balcony

      • 1 photgrapher will organize guests downstairs
      • 1 photographer snaps pictures of the newlyweds during their private last dance.
Newlyweds depart reception amid a cloud of bubbles
12:45pm Start of 30 min photo shoot of The Boas
1:15pm The Boas make way to Bride's House to change and pick up luggage
2:00pm Latest we can leave for the airport
6:30pm Plane leaves for Rome

It's a bit unconventional seeing as we will not be having a cocktail hour, we will be the only one's having an "entrance", the bride and groom will do the welcome speech and we will be taking photos after the reception. I'm really happy with how it turned out, it will be extremely personal and hopefully it will help things going smoothly. We also have to end the reception early because we found super cheap flights to Rome leaving the same day and the airport is two hours away. 

Did you prepare a wedding day timeline?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wonders of Shapewear

As much as I love my curvy body it sucks that my big thighs won't let me wear short or skirts without some serious chafing going on. Painful, irritating chafing that will not be fixed with anything. I've tried chafing gel, deodorant, baking soda, baby powder etc and nothing works. For a while there I stopped using any clothing that would make my thighs touch at all, limiting my options to jeans or slacks. That was until I discovered the wonders of shapewear.

Right now I must own more than 3 or 4 different pieces and I swear by them. Any time I'm wearing a dress, even if it's just to go out to the pharmacy, you can bet I have one of these suckers on.

I have this pair
Assets Cool Control Mid-Thigh Shaper by Spanx

and this pair among my collection.

Flexees® One Fabulous Body® Thigh Slimmer
Flexees One Fabulous Body Thigh Slimmer by Maidenform

Obviously I had to wear some form of shapewear under my wedding dress for my thighs sake. After finally trying it my dress on a couple of weeks ago and realizing how TIGHT it really was, I knew my regular old shapers just weren't going to cut it. I also had to buy a new strapless bra because the sweetheart neckline shows my regular old ones. This brought me to a very logical conclusion, I should buy myself a body suit/unitard, that way I get a low cut bra, thigh protection and super slimming tummy action all at once. I chose this bad boy:
Flexees® Easy-Up® Strapless Unitard
Flexees Easy Up Strapless Unitard by Maidenform

I have to tell you, its a  big pain to get on. It took the help of both Mami Boa and Lil Boa and a little jumping around to make it fit right but the end result is spectacular. My boobs are in exactly the right place, it covers my thighs nicely without being long enough to show under the short part of my wedding dress and it sucks everything thing in a drastic way. I definitely noticed how much it helped when I tried on my finished wedding dress, it made everything smooth and tucked in. Once you put it on, it quiet comfortable at least for me and I loved the end result with my dress being so tight, so I will certainly wear it on W-Day.

The only problem I find with my whole body shapewear is the logistics that will be involved in peeing . The body suit does have a hole in the bottom from which I could technically pee but by wearing panties under the shapewear the hole becomes useless. Meaning I'd have to take the whole thing off to go to the bathroom unless I chose to go commando (something I'm not keen on) under it. I still have'nt decided what to do about this problem - maybe I could get a special kind of panty or something? Or I could just not have any liquids that day leading to a possible dehydration that might make me end up in the hospital possibly ruining my honeymoon plans- on second thought lets just figure out how I can pee with this thing.

Did you use or are planning to use shapewear at your wedding? How would you solve my "how to pee" problem?