Monday, January 21, 2013

Lives Intertwined: The Speeches

Once was every guest was seated an enjoying their breakfast, the speeches began.

Our friends, C and L, gave a sentimental but hilarious speech about our relationship. We've been friends with C and L, for a long as we've been with each other, so it was incredibly touching to have them say such sweet things about us and our relationship  Unfortunately, their speech was in Spanish and impossible to translate, so you'll just have to trust my word that it was awesome.

Then Lil Boa, our MOH, narrated a short slideshow featuring pictures of our childhood and relationship.

Last but not least, my parents stood up to give our wedding toast. I was so excited to have them share some of the wisdom they've acquired in their 25 years of marriage. Hopefully some of it their advice sinks in.

We then toasted as man and wife, using the wedding glasses that my parents toasted with 25 years ago.

* All photos by Keli Art Photography unless otherwise noted
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