Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lives Intertwined: We Dance

After the speeches, Papi Boa and I hit the dance floor with the traditional Father-Daughter dance, to the tune of Jose Luis Perales' "Y Como es el".'

This picture makes my Mom cry everytime...

Following the Father-Daughter dance, Mr. Boa joined me at the dance floor to break the ice and get jiggy with it. Being it that it was midday and there was no alcohol (other than champagne for our mimosa toast) I had expected it to be non-dance wedding reception. I was pleasantly surprised that during the one hour and half dance set, most of our guests were up dancing. At one point we had ALL the guests up doing a conga line around the room! 

Dancing was getting a little too difficult with a big tulle skirt, so in the middle of the dance floor I zipped down my skirt and stepped out in my sexy mini dress. In the following picture you can see Mr. Boa seeing me in my mini dress for the first time (the dress was a total surprise for him!) and in the background, one of my aunts carrying away the huge fluffy skirt.

* All photos by Keli Art Photography unless otherwise noted
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