Monday, February 25, 2013

Adding Gnocchi to the Family

Since we didn't have enough on our plate with trying to get the house in order we decided to take in something else. A new puppy! I had mentioned to Tomas show much I missed having a dog since we decided to leave our Shih tzu, Sushi, at my parents (They adore her and their Maltese, Dolce, would be devastated if Sushi left). Being the easy going man he is, he asked me to do a quick google search to see if their were any adoptable puppies in the area. We wanted a puppy with minimal shedding and a little larger than Sushi's 11 pounds (I did have my fingers crossed that we'd find a poodle though). A quick scroll through petfinder on Thursday led me to them, a 6 puppy litter of 10 week old yorkie-poo puppies. I immediately fell in love and knew I had to have one, so I sent in my application and anxiously awaited their reply but it didn't come, even after I emailed them on Friday asking for an update. 

On Saturday morning I woke up determine to make the 1 hour drive to the shelter to see the puppies. On my way there, I called to make sure that my application had been approved and it had! but unfortunately, all but one of the puppies had already been adopted and the one that was left was a male. We decided to make the rest of the drive even though we wanted a female pup but once we met him we knew we had to take him home. He was the cutest little 6 pound furball ( He looks just like a yorkie but will probably have the size of a poodle). The rest of the weekend was spent doing some more painting (the house is now 90% painted, can't wait to show you pictures) and trying trying to potty train the puppy. He is to young and it's to cold for him to go outside so we will be keeping him in our Master bath and be training him to go on a pad for the time being. He has #2 down, always goes on the pad, but he pees EVERYWHERE. Hopefully, it won't take him to long to get it.

Should note that it took mea whole day to figure out a name for him. The list was realllly long : Kiwi, Mowgli, Hershey, Tofu, Yoshi, Mu shu, Argo, Mocha, etc. were all discussed as potential names before we finally settled on Gnocchi.We're still figuring out his second names. Any suggestions?

Now to some adorable puppy pics of Gnocchi

Friday, February 22, 2013

The List: To Do

{If you’re stopping by from Weddingbee, HOLA!. Feel free to have a look around, I'm weaning the blog off the wedding and more into everything else, so bear with me. I hope you'll stick around for a while :) }

So I showed you the house but I haven't told you what I plan to do with it yet. Below is a our preliminary (I'm sure I'll think of more things to add as time passes) rundown of the things that we'd like to do to the different rooms in the house. Enjoy.

First Floor

  • Paint the room
  • Paint front door
  • Replace front door harware
  • Update light fixtures
  • Spray paint brass doorknob and hinges

Living Room

  • Paint the room
  • Hang curtains
  • Add bookshelves, room length desk and sofa bed.
  • Use IKEA PAX doors to close off room
  • Add hardwood floors to match rest of first floor

Dining Room

  • Paint the room
  • Hang curtains
  • Buy Dining room furniture
  • Replace light fixture
  • Add Board and Batten to bottom half of room
  • Add hardwood floors to match rest of first floor


  • Paint the room with a vertical stripes pattern
  • Replace light fixture
  • Replace faucet


  • Paint the staircase
  • Hang LONG curtains
  • Build gallery wall of pictures
  • Replace light fixture
  • Stain/paint stair rail and balusters

Family Room

  • Paint the room
  • Replace curtains
  • Add furniture
  • Add Television
  • Replace light fixture
  • Replace deck door hardware
  • Add hardwood floors to match rest of first floor

Breakfast Nook

  • Paint the room
  • Replace curtains
  • Add dinette set
  • Replace light fixture
  • Spray paint door hardware and hinges


  • Paint the room
  • Replace cabinet door hardware
  • Replace sink faucet
  • Replace: Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Range and hood.
  • Paint/Stain Cabinets 
  • Add glass backsplash
  • Add granite countertops

Second Floor

Hall Bathroom

  • Paint the Room
  • Spray paint doorknob and hinges
  • Frame mirror
  • Change cabinet door hardware
  • Replace light fixture
  • Replace faucets
  • Remove vinyl flooring; Put in tile
  • Paint/Stain cabinet
  • Replace countertop with solid stone

Guest bedroom

  • Paint the Room
  • Spray paint doorknob and hinges
  • Replace blue carpet with a neutral
  • Hang curtains
  • Add furniture


  • Paint the Room
  • Spray paint doorknob and hinges
  • Hang curtains
  • Add furniture

Master Bedroom

Sorry for the mess. We were so excited after closing that we decided to buy an inflatable mattress and stay the night.

  • Paint the Room
  • Spray paint doorknob and hinges
  • Hang curtains
  • Add furniture
  • Replace light fixture

Master Bath

  • Paint the Room
  • Spray paint doorknob and hinges
  • Replace curtains
  • Frame mirror
  • Replace light fixture
  • Replace bathroom accessories
  • Replace shower, tub and vanity faucets
  • Change cabinet door hardware
  • Remove vinyl flooring; Put in tile on floor, around tub and in shower
  • Expand shower and add frameless glass walls. 
  • Paint/Stain cabinet
  • Replace countertop with solid stone

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ciao, Adios, Hasta Luego


The  budget breakdown was the last post of the Boa recaps and it also marked the end of my wedding blogging days. It's been thirteen months since I started blogging for Weddingbee, nine months since the wedding and about time I wrapped it all up.

I want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you for reading our story, following our journey and for every  single comment. They were ALL read and very much appreciated, sometime the bright spot in a not-so-great day. One thing  I was not expecting when I started blogging, was the great sense of community that exists on the 'Bee and the awesome friendships that I've formed in these last few months. Even though my blogging days are over, I now these will endure. I started blogging with the sole purpose of blogging here, for the opportunity to share my wedding with the hive and maybe even inspire other brides. I've learned so much more from this wonderful corner of the Interwebs, than what I could have ever given back.

Since the wedding planning consumed so much of my time and energy for a long time, once it was over I needed a new project to focus on... so we bought a house! The Boas closed on their house 2 weeks ago and have been busy making it a home (or at least livable). You'll see me around the boards (most probably in the Nesting section) but if you miss me too much, you can check out my blog, ModernDayJibarita.

I write about being a newlywed, adapting to life in Ohio, my adventures with food, stuff about the house and everyday happenings of my life. Its been the best way to keep in touch with my friends and family back in PR, now that I live thousand of miles way from them. Stop by and say hello.

...thanks for the memories,


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lives Intertwined: Boa Budget Breakdown

Let's talk about money! You may recall that we had mentioned that our budget for my 100 guest wedding  was "Spend-as-little-as possible-shooting-for-under-$5,000". My parents gifted us that amount and we decided keep the total wedding budget under that number so that we could use our savings for the honeymoon.

Ceremony - $400
$100 donation to the church
$250 Pre-Cana Retreat
$50 Marriage License

Bride's Attire - $871

Bride Shoes -$45
Dress $600
Jewelry $100
Sephora Makeup $126

Groom's Attire - $300
Kenneth Cole suit - $199
Express shirt and tie $100

Photography - $800

Keli Art PhotographyWhen we booked Keli, she was wrapping up her photography studies and only had a handful of weddings under her belt. We loved her work even though she wasn't as experienced as some of our other options and were really excited about giving a beginner a shot. Booking a less experienced photographer meant a smaller  bill and even then we went with the less expensive package which included the engagement pictures, 2 shooters during the whole event and the digital files.

After our wedding she's done tons of other weddings and her work just keeps getting better! Keli and her husband, Che, were a delight to work with and made us feel so at ease. They captured the essence of our wedding perfectly in their pictures and I wouldn't hesitate to book them again for another event.

Reception Venue - $1146

The venue charges $9 price per guest for the standard 4 hr breakfast buffet which included:
Use of the room for 4 hours with a menu of fresh fruit platter, cheese platter, ham platter, pastry platter, croissants, bagels, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, french toast, orange juice, coffee and hot chocolate in addition to 12 round tables with a white tablecloths, 100 chairs, bone china, silverware and 2 waiters.

We  rented the champagne glasses from them and brought our own champagne (a gift from MIL Boa) and fresh squeezed OJ for the toast.

Cake - $290

Cupcakes and more...Puerto RicoSanya, the lovely lady who runs a cupcake shop from her home is a a total sweetheart. We would drive 40 minutes to pick up an order of cupcakes from her while in college, so it was only fitting to have her do our wedding cake. She did not disappoint on our wedding! Aesthetically she delivered exactly what my wedding cake vision was and totally nailed the yum factor in all four of our cake flavors (Carrot, Nutella, Lemon cake and Red Velvet).

DJ - $250

Decoration -$800 

We used a friendor for our decoration, so this was waaayyy less than if we've used a regular vendor. This included:
  • 12 flower centerpieces ( Vases were re-used from my cousin's quinceanero a couple of months before)
  • 14 table overlays
  • Bridal and MOH bouquet
  • 3 Boutonnieres 

DIY -$301

50 Invitations - $130.93

Table Numbers/ Seating Chart- $34Printing $7 at Walgreen Photo
Frames- $2 ea = $24
Ribbon - $3

Guest Book - $20Jenga $14 through Amazon
Pens $6

Favors - $11750 Moo rectangular stickers - $17
Coffee favors $2 ea x 50 = $100

For a GRAND TOTAL of $5,158!
We spent a tiny bit over what my parents gifted us towards the wedding. Our plan was to pay off the wedding using only would be covered by my parents gift and using our savings for the honeymoon. The honeymoon came to a total of $7,600 ; the 12 day cruise was $1,600 pp, plane tickets were $1,000 pp, we paid $1000 for hotels and the rest of the honeymoon budget was spent in meals, souvenirs and traveling expenses.
My personal money saving tips
  • Time of Day - Consider having the wedding at a time slot other than Saturday or Friday night. The same venue, on the same day but for dinner instead of breakfast would have cost 4x more and would have doubled our total budget.
  • No Alcohol - Having a morning wedding allowed us to save on alcohol and shockingly people still had fun! So if your guests aren't big drinkers (and even if they are) having no alcohol or some alternative beverages might be a huge money saver.
  • Transportation - We didn't rent a limo or any other form of transportation. I asked one of my uncles who has a nice white car (have no idea what make it is) to drive us to the ceremony and to the reception. The limo was not missed AT ALL! 
 My last piece of advice might be a bit polarizing but it's my honest opinion that;If you can't comfortably afford it, Don't Splurge -If it's your dream to have a huge lavish wedding and spend all your savings for it, go right ahead and I honestly hope that it is everything you wished for. That wasn't my dream, I just wanted my closest family and friends to witness as I joined my life to the person I love most in this world and although it might not be what everybody wants to me, my wedding ROCKED! But the wedding was just a speck in the awesomeness that I aspire my life to be and although it has been the most incredible day of my life so far; it is still only one day (actually the whole event only takes a couple of hours). So as much as you might LOVE that dress or that photographer or whatever else you're thinking about stretching your hard earned pennies for.. At the end it will only be for one day and at the end of that day with or without that dress, that will still be married to a person you love, who you vowed to love forever, it will be a day you will never forget regardless.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Awesome Valentines Day Weekend

Hope you'll had a sweet Valentines day! Tomas flight arrived late on Thursday  so we decided to celebrate Valentine on February 15 this year. I'm not really into "stuff", making it very hard for Tomas to pick presents for me. I made it clear in the beginning of our relationship that my favorite gifts were what I called "Kodak moments", activities/events I'll always remember, not stuff I'll break or forget about. One of the fall back gifts is traveling since it's one of my favorite "Kodak moments" ever! For Valentines Day this year we decided to go to Nashville!  I took a half day off work and we left Cincinnati at 2pm and had a blast on the 4 hour drive to Nashville. We arrived with time to spare and snuck into Melting Pot, a fun restaurant we had loved in SLC and I had been dying to visit again. A little wine, a little fondue and a couple of hours later we walked towards the Tennessee Performing Arts Center for a performance of Cabaret, which I had bought tickets for a few weeks earlier. The show was great, so great that even Tomas truly enjoyed it (He's not really into the arts; goes along just to please me.). We stayed the night at a local Marriot (yay for Consulting hotel points) and slept in the next morning. 

We woke up and went straight to lunch at a new Puertorrican restaurant  Salsa, which served up food that tasted just like home. Originally we had decided to spend our Saturday walking around Nashville and doing some touristy stuff but after lunch all we wanted to do was go back home to Cincinnati and spend the night at our house so we could wake up bright and early Sunday morning and finish moving. So we did that, we drove straight to IKEA to stock up on some stuff before going home.

Spent all Sunday and most of today, moving boxes from storage to the house and unpacking some of the boxes. I'm exhausted but very happy. We are officially moved into our new home and everything is starting to take shape, looking more like a home every day. Still have a couple dozen boxes to unpack, that should keep me entertained the few days Tomas is out of the city.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

House Tour

I've been talking for months now about the house were going to buy/bought and just realized I haven't shown you pictures. I was a little impatient, so the before pictures were taken after we starting bringing stuff into the house and painting samples on the wall.

I made a floorplan to share with my parents when we put in the offer on the house since it really helps you make sense of what you see in the pictures. Thought it might help you guys as well.

First Floor

When you enter the house through the front door, you'll find your self in the Foyer staring though a hallway that opens up to the Family Room in the back of the house,

To your left, is the Living Room which we'll be converting into a home office.

To your right, is the Dining Room which is open to the Kitchen on the far side.

If you walk a couple of feet into the foyer you'll find the downstairs half bath to your right...

...and the stairwell to your left.

Right in front of you will be the entry to the Family Room.

If you step into the middle of the Family room and face right you'll see the Breakfast nook.

A couple of steps more and you step into the Breakfast Nook. If you turn around to face the Family Room this is what you'll see.

Look right and you'll see the Kitchen (open to the dining room)

Second Floor

When you reach the second floor you'll stare straight into the hall bathroom.

If you walk towards the right of the hall bath you find the guest bedroom...

... and if you continue right at the end of the hall you'll find the nursery (I'm not pregnant, we just call it the nursery because it's the smallest bedroom and makes it easier to differentiate the rooms (etc. Master, guest and Nursery

If at the top of the stairs while facing the hall bath you walk left, you'll enter the Master bedroom. The following picture of the Master bedroom was taken while standing in the doorway of the master bath...

Sorry for the mess. We were so excited after closing that we decided to buy an inflatable mattress and stay the night.
...and if you walk towards the end of the Master bedroom you'll see the Master bath.

The end,