Monday, February 25, 2013

Adding Gnocchi to the Family

Since we didn't have enough on our plate with trying to get the house in order we decided to take in something else. A new puppy! I had mentioned to Tomas show much I missed having a dog since we decided to leave our Shih tzu, Sushi, at my parents (They adore her and their Maltese, Dolce, would be devastated if Sushi left). Being the easy going man he is, he asked me to do a quick google search to see if their were any adoptable puppies in the area. We wanted a puppy with minimal shedding and a little larger than Sushi's 11 pounds (I did have my fingers crossed that we'd find a poodle though). A quick scroll through petfinder on Thursday led me to them, a 6 puppy litter of 10 week old yorkie-poo puppies. I immediately fell in love and knew I had to have one, so I sent in my application and anxiously awaited their reply but it didn't come, even after I emailed them on Friday asking for an update. 

On Saturday morning I woke up determine to make the 1 hour drive to the shelter to see the puppies. On my way there, I called to make sure that my application had been approved and it had! but unfortunately, all but one of the puppies had already been adopted and the one that was left was a male. We decided to make the rest of the drive even though we wanted a female pup but once we met him we knew we had to take him home. He was the cutest little 6 pound furball ( He looks just like a yorkie but will probably have the size of a poodle). The rest of the weekend was spent doing some more painting (the house is now 90% painted, can't wait to show you pictures) and trying trying to potty train the puppy. He is to young and it's to cold for him to go outside so we will be keeping him in our Master bath and be training him to go on a pad for the time being. He has #2 down, always goes on the pad, but he pees EVERYWHERE. Hopefully, it won't take him to long to get it.

Should note that it took mea whole day to figure out a name for him. The list was realllly long : Kiwi, Mowgli, Hershey, Tofu, Yoshi, Mu shu, Argo, Mocha, etc. were all discussed as potential names before we finally settled on Gnocchi.We're still figuring out his second names. Any suggestions?

Now to some adorable puppy pics of Gnocchi


  1. Very cute but also a handful. He's a very hyper puppy!

  2. Those are six pounds of pure adorableness! I'm really want a dog sometime soon, too.

    1. Adorable and very very sweet if only he could be a genius puppy and potty train himself