Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bought Furniture

We are crossing our fingers that we'll close soon so we went ahead and bought furniture. Since we've been staying with friends we have not got ANY furniture so we have to furnish our house from scratch. Since we know buying a house will deplete our saving we wanted to do it in the most budget friendly way possible. Enter Cort Clearence Furniture, it's a "store" that sells furniture that's been used to stage homes or in extended stay apts/hotels. Most of it is in pretty much great condition and they sell it for cheap.

We chose to go with their highest Apartment To Go package which includes:

Queen Mattress and boxspring, bedframe, chest w/ mirror, one bedside table and 2 table lamps.

Light Grey sofa w/side chair, 2 side tables, coffee table and 2 table lamps.

and a small dinette table with four chairs

All for the grand total of .......$2,000. If your on the hunt for some cheap but great condition furniture check to see if there is Cort Center near you. If only we could buy a house to put all of it in.

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