Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lives Intertwined: Day After Shoot

After the small snaffu at the beginning of the ceremony, the photographers offered us a  Day After Shoot free of charge for when we came back from the honeymoon, to make up for the misunderstanding. So three days after we arrived from our three week romp through Europe we got gussied up again and took pictures all over my grandfather's land.

I was so excited I got to climb a tree in my dress!

It was soooo HOT, probably close to 100 degrees but I think we overcame the heat and had a lot of fun in this shoot, especially since it ended up providing some of my favorite shots.Even though a day after shoot wasn't originally in our plans, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants some extra photos taken. It especially helped us since without a first look or cocktail hour, we had only 30 minutes to take pictures between the ceremony and reception. Knowing we would get the opportunity to take pictures after the honeymoon relieved the stress about getting "the perfect shots" and I do believe we have some good shots in this bunch. I'd love to hang up the 8th from the bottom (black and white of us sitting on the ground kissing) in our house but I fear it might be a little to raunchy to frame. What are your thoughts? Any others you'd think would be good to blow up?

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