Monday, February 11, 2013

Paint Desicions

 I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted the house palette to look like. My inspiration was actually the colors of this blog: Teal, Light Green, Purple and Grey. I knew I wanted to paint the Family Room a dark grey and also use grey as my neutral, so I had to pick 2 grays to use around the house. Keep in mind that we have no furniture, bedding or curtains to coordinate with, we just really wanted to paint while the rooms were empty.

Right after closing, I went to Home Depot in search of paint samples for the 4 Behr Ultra "colors" I wanted to use in my house. For the Teal, I bought samples of: Venus Teal, Bali Bliss, Caribe and Dragonfly and  Light Green, I choose: Zen, Lap Pool Blue, Opal Silk and Frosted Jade.For the Light Gray only Classic Grey and French Silver were chosen and for the Dark Grey I tried: Antique tin, Fashion Grey and Dark Pewter.

I carried them all back home and started slathering them on the walls.

Left to Right: Classic Grey, Fashion Grey, French Silver, Antique Tin and Dark Pewter.

Fashion Grey turned out too brown and Antique Tin was too dark so we chose Dark Pewter as the color for our Family Room. I painted small swatches of the Dark pewter atop the lighter grays and decided that French Silver would be used as the neutral through out the house.

Left to Right: Opal Silk, Lap Pool Blue, Frosted Jade and Zen.

I hated all the color samples I chose for Teal (they were all too dark and too green) but thankfully one of the colors I chose for Light Green spoke to me.... Lap Pool Blue (second from the left). It somewhere between a Tiffany Blue, Turquoise or Robins Egg and it's just perfect. The last color I selected, which was the easiest to choose was the Frosted Jade, a perfect mint color.

So here's our house color palette:

Behr Ultra Dark Pewter

Behr Ultra French Silver

Behr Ultra Frosted Jade

Behr Ultra Lap Pool Blue: No picture found

We've spent the last 2 days painting can't wait to show you the results!

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