Monday, March 25, 2013

Stuck in Potty Training Hell

I've been MIA from the blog for a couple of weeks because I've been stuck in potty training hell. A month ago we adopted a super cute puppy who we named Gnocchi and most of my time has been consumed by him ever since. He was only 10 weeks old when we adopted him, so we knew potty training was going to be challenge, we just didn't expect it to be so much of a challenge!

The first 2 weeks it was too cold to take a baby outside to go potty so we were keeping him in our master bathroom and using puppy pads.That meant that I would come home to clean the pee and poo that was all over the bathroom floor. After cleaning I would spend 2-3 hours in the bathroom with him, watching him like a hawk, trying to "catch him in the act" so he would learn to go on the puppy pads. After two weeks and no progress we switched it up, moved him to the smaller hall bath, thinking that all the space in our bathroom was confusing him. Again, he would do his business ALL over the bathroom and I'd come home to clean it up.

Unfortunately I can't make it home during lunch, so he spends my workday in the bathroom and goes on the pads and I let him out as soon as I get home. Since the weather warmed up some in the last few weeks, I started taking him out a couple of times a day: as soon as I woke up, after his breakfast, when I got home from work, after his dinner and right before bed. I would spend 3-4 hours when I came home from work with him; taking him on a walk, playing/training or taking him outside to go potty.The pad + outside routine might be confusing him and it might take us longer to train him but it's the only thing that will work until he is 6 or 7 months old and can be crated during the day.

It's been slow and painful progress but I'm happy to report that I think he's getting it! Today I came home to a clean bathroom and puppy pad, as soon as I let him out he ran to the back door. I immediately leashed him and took him outside, where he quickly did number one and number two. Who knew I could get this excited about poo!

Cute video of puppy going crazy on the bed


  1. Potty training a pup does not sound fun at all...but he is so adorable!! I'm sure you can't stay mad at that face for very long.

  2. What a cutie! Back in the day when we potty trained our old dog (bless his heart) in the same way using newspapers.

  3. Ah! He's so little and so cute! We got our puppy at 6 months, so she was a bit older, but what helped for us was tying a jingle bell to a ribbon and tying it to the door knob. When we take her out to go potty she hears the jingle, so she associates it with potty name. Now, she runs down and jingles the bell herself with her nose to tell us when she has to go out.

    1. We are thinking of introducing a jingle bell soon, now that he has an idea of what he has to do. A lot of people have been successful this technique,glad to know it worked for you.