Monday, April 29, 2013

Brass Be Gone! Switching Out Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

In our journey to rid our house of brass, we've made a huge development. I pronounce the kitchen to be brass free!

This weekend we removed and replaced all the brass cabinet hardware in our kitchen with much nicer satin nickel ones. We chose to go with knobs for the drawers which we bought at Home Depot at $22 for 10 and  handles for the cabinets, these from Overstock at $47 for 25.
GlideRite 6-inch Solid Stainless Steel Finished Cabinet Bar Pulls (Case of 25)

GlideRite 6-inch Solid Stainless Steel Finished Cabinet Bar Pulls

The knobs were a breeze to install, just pass the screw through the inside of the drawer, place the knob and then turn until it doesn't turn no more. 

The handles on the other hand required a little bit more thought. You see, we wanted to use the hole the original knobs were in. This meant we couldn't use any of the cabinet hardware templates we had bought to make sure that the new hole was lined and centered.

Our interpretation of the simplest way to do it:

  • Screw on the handle on the one hole that was originally there and align in perfectly on the cabinet just like the finished product should look. 
  • Draw around the handle were it meets the cabinet, on the place where the second hole should go. 

  • Move the handle away and drill in the middle of the circle you just drew. 

  • Screw on the handle

Here's the final result:

Before                                                                             After


Never thought such a simple and inexpensive project would have such a big impact on the look of a room. Is it just me or do these stain nickel hardware give a HUGE facelift to the kitchen? 

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