Friday, May 24, 2013

365 Days Ago

365 days ago I said I do. I said I do to a lifetime of love and commitment, to sharing my life with another human being and to embarking in the great adventure that is marriage.  

365 days ago, I was wearing a big puffy white dress and too much make-up. You we’re standing in too tight shoes and smelling like Ivory soap. You held my hand at the altar and the world faded away. In that moment I knew I was at exactly the right place at the right time. Every decision I have ever made, some way or another, led me to you, to that moment and to today.  Here I stand, 365 days more in love, one year of marriage under my belt, standing in line to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, holding your hand and looking forward to the future.

The last year was full of new experiences: traveling to Europe, moving to Cincinnati, starting new jobs, being long distance for the first time (Mr. Boa travels for work M-Th), buying a house and adopting a puppy. Each of them, made better because I got to share them with you. The reality of my life with you is so much better than what I could have dreamed or hoped for. You’re my true partner in life, my best friend, the ketchup to my fries and the peanut butter to my jelly.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Three Month Update

Things have been slowing down at Casa Jibarita. This third month was more about unpacking and putting things away, than it was about big projects.

One big DIY project was spray painting all the door hinges and door knobs. We have almost 20 doors in the house, making the task of unscrewing and screwing the doors back in place incredibly tedious. All the hard work was worth it because the new Satin Nickel door hardware puts a big 'ol smile on my face and a snazzy new look to all the doors.

As soon as you step in through the front door, you can see all 4 house colors simultaneously.  I love how they all seem to complement each other very well.

A smaller project was replacing all the brass cabinet hardware with satin nickel ones. A little effort went a long way into giving the kitchen a quick face-lift.

We finally cleaned and furnished the upstairs hall bathroom.

I used Painter's tape to mark the potential layout of our home office. I have a couple potential layouts in mind for this room and using tape to make the furniture pieces was an easy way to help visualize how they would look.

The guest bedroom ready for visitors, fresh sheets and all.

Our guests will be arriving soon, so I added a couple of personal touches to make the house feel more like a home:
Board games in the family room 

Candles in the Kitchen

Cool looking vase in the breakfast nook 

Candle centerpiece for the Dining Room Table

*Since the projects seem to be slowing down, from now on I'll be giving quarterly House Updates (in August, November, February and May) instead of every month.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Favorite Things to Do in Cincinnati

As I mentioned before, my parents (and sister) are visiting us in a couple of weeks. They'll be arriving on May 14 and  May 20 the're driving up to Chicago for a couple of days before going back to PR. I'm super excited to have them visit, finally get to see our new home and meet all of our friends. I'm also excited to show them some of my favorite things to do and places to eat in Cincinnati.

Places to Go:

1. Cincinnati Zoo
The Cincinnati Zoo is very large, has a wide variety of species the grounds and the grounds are kept in great shape, making it a great way to spend a day. I know my parents will love this, it's the perfect opportunity for them to finally visit a North American zoo (does Busch Gardens count?) and take some cute animal pictures.

2. Findlay Market
One of the oldest public market's in the U.S is a lively spot in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati. On the weekends it's always packed with people buying fresh veggies, snacking on some goodies or just enjoying the great vibe of the place. Mama lo Hizo is one of my favorite merchants in Findlay market and I know my dad would love this spicy nachos as much as I do.

3. King's Island
Rollercoasters... Water Slides... enough said!

4.Great American Ballpark
Cincinnati has definitively made me a baseball fan! My parents have never seen a MLB game so their first visit to Cincinnati should strike that off their bucket list.

5. Newport on the Levee ----> Fountain Square
Catch a Movie on the IMAX screen (don't have one of those back in PR), eat some Dewey's pizza, visit the Aquarium and then cross over the Purple People Bridge into Cincinnati. Walk along the edge of the River on the Cincinnati and make your way through Downtown Cincinnati until you reach Fountain Square.

and the places I will most definitively be taking my parents out to eat at are:
Teller's of Hyde Park
Dilly Deli

Any suggestions? Whats your favorite thing to do or place to eat in Cincinnati?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Choosing Dining Chairs & Dining Room Sneak Peek

When I bought our dining room table off craiglist, it's $150 pricetag included 7 coordinating chairs. Using all of them was too "matchy matchy" for my taste, so we donated 5 and I'm planning on reupholstering the other 2. I pinned a couple of different pictures looking for dining chairs inspiration and once the dining table "look" started taking shape, I instantly knew that I wanted to have metal chairs by its side.

I fell in love with the Jackson Metal Tub Chair from World Market, but did not want to spend $400 on dining chairs. I kept looking for cheaper options and happened upon a much cheaper version, the Silver Tabouret stacking chairs from Overstock 4 chairs for $199.99.

It was meant to be! The arrived in less than a week and in perfect condition. I even got a 20% discount for it being my first purchase!

Here's a sneak peak of what the dining room looks like right now.

What do you think about the metal chairs, Yay or Nay? I really like how the room is coming together, although the bare walls are driving me crazy. Next on the to-do list for this room is to reupholster the dining chairs.What color/pattern do you think would look best?