Monday, May 6, 2013

Favorite Things to Do in Cincinnati

As I mentioned before, my parents (and sister) are visiting us in a couple of weeks. They'll be arriving on May 14 and  May 20 the're driving up to Chicago for a couple of days before going back to PR. I'm super excited to have them visit, finally get to see our new home and meet all of our friends. I'm also excited to show them some of my favorite things to do and places to eat in Cincinnati.

Places to Go:

1. Cincinnati Zoo
The Cincinnati Zoo is very large, has a wide variety of species the grounds and the grounds are kept in great shape, making it a great way to spend a day. I know my parents will love this, it's the perfect opportunity for them to finally visit a North American zoo (does Busch Gardens count?) and take some cute animal pictures.

2. Findlay Market
One of the oldest public market's in the U.S is a lively spot in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati. On the weekends it's always packed with people buying fresh veggies, snacking on some goodies or just enjoying the great vibe of the place. Mama lo Hizo is one of my favorite merchants in Findlay market and I know my dad would love this spicy nachos as much as I do.

3. King's Island
Rollercoasters... Water Slides... enough said!

4.Great American Ballpark
Cincinnati has definitively made me a baseball fan! My parents have never seen a MLB game so their first visit to Cincinnati should strike that off their bucket list.

5. Newport on the Levee ----> Fountain Square
Catch a Movie on the IMAX screen (don't have one of those back in PR), eat some Dewey's pizza, visit the Aquarium and then cross over the Purple People Bridge into Cincinnati. Walk along the edge of the River on the Cincinnati and make your way through Downtown Cincinnati until you reach Fountain Square.

and the places I will most definitively be taking my parents out to eat at are:
Teller's of Hyde Park
Dilly Deli

Any suggestions? Whats your favorite thing to do or place to eat in Cincinnati?


  1. I love Cincinnati! My husband's extended family lives in Cincinnati and I love to visit! You should definitely take them to Skyline! :)

    1. We've only been here 10 months but we've really enjoyed exploring the city.

  2. Isn't Graters Ice Cream from Cincinnati? I spent a week in Cincinnati in high school, and looking back I'm still disappointed in myself that I never made it to Graters. I'd definitely take your parents there.

    And just letting you know, I'm stopping by from the weddingbee boards, where I post as Miss Ariel!

  3. Welcome Miss Ariel, I've seen you around the boards at WB. Yes, Greater's Ice Cream is from Cincinnati and it's incredible. If you still have Greater's cravings, they have stores in cities close to Cincinnati or you can order it at their website and they'll ship it to you.