Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anniversary Trip #1: Drinking Adventure @ Epcot

Choosing to go to Orlando for our first anniversary was a real easy decision. We'd been talking about going for years (He had only gone once, I hadn't gone in over 7 years) and taking an "adult" trip to Disney was something we wanted to do before even thinking about having kids. We decided to make a 5 day event over our anniversary weekend, giving us a chance to explore 3 parks ( We chose Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Islands of Adventure) and the 2 Disney water parks. By going on our anniversary it meant we could wear the awesome Happy Anniversary pins!

On our first day in Orlando  we would be exploring Epcot, walking around Future World in the morning and on a mission to drink around the world showcase in the afternoon. The goal of drinking around the world is to consume an alcoholic drink in each country before (or while) moving on to the next. Yes, at least eleven drinks in all, which we planned to do in 6 hours. Our game plan was that we'd each try all the drinks but  Tomas would be responsible for finishing the beers, while I was accountable for finishing all the other types of liqueurs. We aren't drinkers at all but it sounded like a fun way to spend a day.

We chose to have lunch at San Angel Inn in Mexico since it was the perfect place to have a nice romantic and yummy lunch and also start our journey to drinking around the world.

At San Angelo Inn, they have a  not-on-the-menu margarita flight of  5 of their best Margaritas, which I really wanted to try. Our anniversary pins came in handy because the restaurant manager approved they make it for us! The Wild Passion Fruit Margarita (the orange one in the picture) was the absolute best one, followed by Blood Orange Margarita in second.

Our second stop was Norway, where we had limited alcohol options and Tomas chose to go with a Carlsberg beer.

Stop #3 was at China,  were I chose to have a Tipsy Ducks in Love, which tasted strongly of coffee and bourbon and was all kinds of delicious.

In Germany, Tomas grabbed a Hovel beer off a cart and we continued on the Italy to put our feet up for a while.

We chose to rest for a while at Tutto Gusto, so Tomas could finish his beer and I could enjoy some wine. I chose to to the "Anytime Whites" Flight and barely left any wine for Tomas to sample. Tutto Gusto was a great quiet place to sit for a while and just talk and relax in the middle of a busy park.

When we arrived in the United States, we quickly ordered Red Stag Lemonade to help cool off the hot Florida Sun. 

Then it was off to Japan for some Sake (The sake totally did me in! I went from fine to almost drunk with that little cup of sake. Thank goodness we were almost done.)

Tomas picked up a glass of Casa Beer at the Morocco Pavilion, which we drank as we watched the belly dancers.

France was our second pit stop as I needed some carbs to help manage the alcohol in my system. I ate the most delicious french baguette from the Boulangerie Patisserie as I sipped on some french champagne. We sat for a good 20 minutes, as I felt my alcohol levels going back down and the bread soothing my tummy. 

Our next to last stop was in the U.K we Tomas selected a Bass Beer as his last drink of the day.

And finally our last stop was Canada, were we chugged down a glass Labatt Blue, just so we could officially be over with our mission to drink around the world and end the 6 hours drinking binge.

We finished drinking right before Epcot's nightime fireworks show and we had a great view of the lagoon from our spot near Canada.

and that's how our first day at the most magical place on earth ended., our bellies full and our feet tired.


  1. That sounds like the way to do Epcot!

    1. It totally was! I feel like I wasted my other visits ot Epcot because I didn't think to do this.

  2. Now I totally want to try this! Sounds fun :) Happy anniversary

    1. Thanks! It was a great way to enjoy Epcot and also get to try all sorts of yummy drinks.