Monday, July 22, 2013

Bookcasing It Up

We've been itching to start a new project for a couple of weeks and working on our home office seemed like the perfect thing to dig back in with. We still had boxes full of books stacked in the space that was to become our office, which made me feel like I hadn't "completely" moved in yet.

I fell in love with the cool clean lines of Ikea's white furniture. A little clicks on Google and I found out that the Expedit bookshelf was a mere inch shorter than the awkward built in nook we have in the space designated to be the office.There are a lot of books in our household, so having a tall bookcase with a lot of space for storage was a necessity. We decided to buy 3 2X4 Expedit bookshelves and 1 Expedit desk. The bookshelves would be laid on their sides and stacked one upon the other. Before we got started assembling the bookcases, I painted the back of the nook with the Dark Pewter paint we had in the family room to create some contrast with the mint green and white. 

After we assembled the first bookshelf, we realized that the Expedit desk attached to the thin dividers in the bookcase not the thick border that we had as the top. A little troubleshooting brought us to the following solution: marking where the desk grip would go, used a table knife, a screwdriver and a hammer to remove a chunk of the border. 

It worked like a charm! Soon after we had stacked all three bookcases on top of each other and had secured them all to the wall. 

I finally got rid of all the boxes filled with books and my house was officially completely unpacked. Since we have a hefty collection of books, a lot of which are heavy textbooks, I wanted to make sure that the bookshelf was styled right. I needed the styling to incorporate all of our books, be functional but also look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. That how I ended up separating all the books by color and arranging them in alternating patterns of books lying down/standing up. The bottom 2 rows I'm planning on putting some drawers and baskets to store office supplies and my scrapbooking odds and ends. 

It was only a 6 or 7 hr project that had a big overall effect on the functionality of our home. We finally have some use for that room right beside the front door and we can stop working from the dining room table. Now we just need a comfy sofa, a couple of lamps and a nice chair to finish off the room.


  1. That nook worked out perfectly! I like how you painted it a different color, too.

  2. Wow that looks awesome!! I want to redo my office now. My desk is a card table...

  3. I really love this look and the functionality of it!