Monday, November 10, 2014

3 Day Getaway: NYC & Brooklyn

For 4th of July we drove 10 hours to New York City, so that we could spend the long weekend with our BFFs. We spent most of our Friday, July 4,  walking around Ellis Island and visiting Lady Liberty for the first time. 



We had a delicious lunch at Liberty House Restaurant after exploring Ellis island. Every single thing there was amazing and the beautiful view of the city made it taste even better. We went back to the apartment in the afternoon for a nap and to catch up on some World Cup Games.That night we ventured to the Jersey City boardwalk to view the 4th of July fireworks from a distance, all the beauty without the chaos.

On Saturday morning we walked around Lower Manhattan before jumping on a ferry to Brooklyn. We walked a couple of blocks until we happened among Smorgasburg, at which we dutifully stuffed our faces. My favorite was Palenques Arepas de Toro. The meat was soft and savory and a perfect complement to the fluffy arepa. We walked around Wiliamsburg for a couple of hours walking off the calories we had just consumed, even stepped into a bar for a little while to watch another World Cup game.

I then had the brilliant idea to make our way back to Manhattan by bike using Citi Bike from the Williamsburg to Manhattan. None of us had been on a bike in more than 6 years and it took a little convincing to get everybody on a bike. What was supposed to be a 30 minute bike ride ended up taking more than 2 hours, particularly because Tomas was scared for his life so he would stop the bike every time a car was passing him. In the end I think everybody had fun and the highlight was definitively riding across the Brooklyn Bridge just as the sun was setting over the city.

The day was closed out with Pizza, beer and an intense Foosball tournament between friends. It was a great but short trip since we started the drive back to Cincinnati at around 10 am on Sunday morning. It sucks that the people that we love so much live so far away but we try to make the best of every visit.

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