Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Geeky Adventure: Let's Have a Chat January 2015

My friends over at Our Geeky Adventure are hosting a fun link up!

1. What are your goals for the year?  Do you have a plan to accomplish them?

2015 has been dubbed the Year of Improvement at our household!
First of all is to improve our health; I just receive my 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack in the mail on Saturday. It was the one BeachBody program that really caught my attention because of the nutrition aspect and after seeing so many great before/after pics on Instagram, I took the plunge. The challenge group starts right after Valentines and I hope to continue the program for a couple of rounds in order to lose the pesky pounds I can’t get rid of and just improve my overall nutrition. I’m glad to say that Tomas is joining in on this weightloss/nutrition journey, having his support will definitively make it easier for me to reach my goals.
We have TONS of house projects we want to get done this year, biggest of which is replacing all the first floor carpet with hardwood/laminate/bamboo. That project is scheduled to start sometime in August after the craziness that is summer has died down.  It’s a project that might take a while since we plan to install them ourselves, so I’d like it to be far from any long weekend when we might be out of town.  We’re also having the landscaping done and the desk refinished this summer along with some smaller décor project inside the house.
And last we also want to spend more time and energy on ourselves, our hobbies and our passions. That means cutting back on the hours we spend watching Netflix (Though I just learned Spartacus is on Netflix….O.o; There goes that plan) and spending them doing other things we enjoy. For me that means committing to the blog, something I enjoy but never make the time for,  and getting back into reading. I’m also hoping to start drawing classes come March since I’m fascinated with the idea of Urban Sketching and Tomas plans to start taking German lessons in September! All sorts of good things happening in 2015!  

2. What's your favorite snow day activity?

We haven’t had a snowed day in Cincinnati this year, which makes me extremely sad. I love looking out the window and watching the snow fall, snuggled under a blanket with a hot chocolate in my hand. There is something about having lived in a tropical climate my whole life, which makes me LOVE snow. As long as I don’t have to drive in it, I’m all for some snow.

3. What is used more often in your kitchen this time of year- the oven or the slow cooker?

I own a slow cooker but haven’t actually loved anything that has been produced in it yet, so definitively use my oven more. I was kind of obsessed with a very unhealthy recipe for Parmesan chicken (chicken breast with mayo and cheese piled on top, baked for 35 minutes) so I made it once a week in January :$
Anybody else interested in joining us? Answer these questions on your blog and link up on Our Geeky Adventure!

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