Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two Year House Anniversary

This past weekend we celebrated the two year house anniversary! This year was a slow one for home improvement projects because we prioritized traveling in 2014 but we are hoping to jump back into our projects.

The front of the house has stayed almost EXACTLY the same for the past year. We had tons of plans for the front of the house, but other than painting the front door, everything else stayed the same. We plan to work on the landscaping this spring.

Our new bright purple door!

First Floor
Of the dozens of houses that we saw, we fell in love with this house because it was a blank slate. From the minute you walked in everything a blank canvas I could work on. 

Shortly after moving we painted all of the rooms in the house, all four colors we used can be seen as soon as you walk in the door.

~Home Office~

Here's the former living room/now office as it looked on move-in day.

We painted the walls a light mint green called Behr Frosted Jade, added some Ikea Jannette curtains and hacked some Ikea Expedit 2X4's into a DIY semi built in bookcase with a desk. Unfortunately the desk broke so we decided to remove it and replace it with a free standing desk.

~Dining Room~

The dining room was just another room painted beige when we moved in.

The dining room was painted a tealish turquoise blue called Behr Lap Pool Blue, we added our refinished dining room table and bought some metal dining chairs and 2 Henriksdal (with Gobo white cover).

This new bar cart was our Christmas present to ourselves this past winter.

There's a tiny half bath on the first floor.

We painted the half bathroom the bright tealish turquoise Behr Lap Pool Blue and brought in a little of gray and purple through the towels.


The two-story staircase is illuminated by a big side window.

The downstairs & upstairs hallway and the staircase were painted in a light grey from Behr, French Silver. We swapped the old brass light fixture for a purple globe light fixture and added a colorful gallery wall to bring some color into this bland space.

We recently changed the curtains to INGERLISE in Lilac from Ikea ($24.99)

The curtain is exactly the same shade of purple as our beloved YHL globe light fixture.

~Family Room~
The family room is a great entertaining space, open to the kitchen and breakfast nook.

We painted the family room a dark gray, Behr's Dark Pewter as soon as moved in. We bought some light gray couches, added some colorful cushions and a cute throw. This room has been the focus of our decorating efforts for this past year since it's the room where we spent the most time and where we do the our entertaining.

We purchased a pair of mercury glass lamps, updated a dresser into a media cabinet and hung up some wall art. I used all the left over paint chips to create the piece above the television and bought the map from Umbra. Once the map arrived it felt too small for the wall, so I made a custom frame around it to make it more proportionate to the way.

We brought that fan all the way from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It traveled for 30 hours under my airplane seat.

~Breakfast Nook~

The breakfast nook is a very useful space right off the kitchen on the day we moved in.

The kitchen/nook were painted in Behr's French Silver and since we loved our large purple light fixture in the stairwell so much, we decided to switch out the breakfast nook light for a smaller version of the purple globe. The house is officially brass free, since this light fixture was the last thing we needed to switch out.


The kitchen had all white appliances and beige walls.

The walls were painted in Behr's French Silver. The microwave and refrigerator were upgraded to stainless steel and satin nickel hardware was added to all the cabinets.

Second Floor

~Hall Bathroom~

We painted the hall bathroom in Behr's Dark Pewter and added some teal towels and a couple of colorful bathroom accessories.

~Guest Bedroom~

The room started out with just the dark blue carpet as a stand out.

The room was painted in Frosted Jade by Behr and HomeGoods carried a bedding set that tied in together the mint green of the walls with the dark blue of the carpet.

This room has a huge walk in closet that we weren't using so I decided to turn it into my craft closet. I have big plans for decorating this place but I've really enjoyed having this space to dedicate to my messes. 


No babies yet, but the smallest room in the house was designated the nursery.

We painted it a neutral light gray, French Silver by Behr, thinking that is could be personalized with colored accents whenever a baby moves in.

~Master Bedroom~

The master bedroom gave is a lot of space to play with.

Sorry for the mess. We were so excited after closing that we decided to buy an inflatable mattress and stay the night.
We painted the walls a tealish turquoise blue, Lap Pool Blue by Behr, and paired it with some gray bedding. Recently we painted 2 Ikea Lack dressers to use as bedside table and scored a big mirror at HomeGoods for $40. Feeling that the walls were too bare I painted the three canvases above the bed.

~Master Bathroom~

 The master bathroom was painted in Behr's French Silver with some gray/teal accessories added.


  1. Replies
    1. I do too! My husband thought I was insane for carrying the huge box all the way from Vietnam but I totally fell in love with it at the market. There was no way i could have left it behind.

  2. Gah, all of the feels, Francez!

    1. Your house is HUGE!
    2. You are SO talented - honestly! I would never think to put together items the way you have and the colors are stunning.
    3. Love the purple and gray in your half bath!
    4. GTFO with your master bath - that mirror/lighting! Love.
    5. I love love love love the purple dome light. I want one, pleeeeeeeeease. :) I also like that the lime green centerpiece in the kitchen has a similar shape/feel to it.
    6. Totally jelly of the semi-built-in bookcases. I dream of built-ins.

    So much more - the paint chip art! The map spacing! - I can barely get over it. Happy two years to you both, and here's to many more! xo

    1. Awww! Thanks *blush It's been really fun to work on the house and I'm glad you like it. I LOVE color but most of the time I'm concerned it might look like Willy Wonka puked all over the house.

  3. Love all the colour and space. You’ve done so much since you moved in. Loving the living room!

    1. Thanks! I feel like we have so much left to do though! There is always another project but I'm glad it's finally taking shape into the house I imagine when I close my eyes, crazy colors and all.

  4. Aww I can't believe how much your house has changed in two years! Ya'll have done some great projects! My favorite room is your dining room, esp with that bar cart - so cute :)

    1. Thanks Liz! We had been looking forever for a bar cart we liked because all the liquor/glass was hogging a whole kitchen cabinet, we found this one on clearance at Target for $40 and just couldn't say no lol