About me

Hola! Meet me and my husband... Francez & Tomas.

We're two early twenty-somethings who hail from the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico. We met our first day of college back in 2006, became fast friends and started dating about a year after that.
You might know me as Mrs. Boa Constrictor over at Weddingbee where I recorded my experience planning a 9am/breakfast/Puerto Rican/Family-oriented/Catholic/least-expensive-as-possible wedding after we got engaged in May 2011.

We got married in May 2012, a couple of days after finishing our Bachelor's degrees (He studied Civil Engineering, I was a Psych & Bio Major). We spent an incredible three weeks on our European honeymoon and then packed up our bags and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio; the place where we will build our new lives.

 A few months after being in Cincinnati we started the search for our first house. 50+ listings, endless open houses, a 3 month closing and a couple of mishaps later we are the proud owners of this little beauty.

This blog is a place to document our journey, to remember all the kitchen mishaps, the ups and downs of home ownership, the discoveries we'll make in our new hometown and the challenges we'll face as we try to balance a family with our two careers.

Feel free to contact me at moderndayjibarita(at)gmail(dot)com with any comments or questions.